Lora Básico Collection.


More than a collection of furniture, this is a decoration where  Nomos are the main characters, any other piece of furniture can also be decorated to match 


With a more classic style, this collection features dining rooms, bedrooms and side furniture, using different combinations of colors that give a touch of elegance and softness 

Santa Cruz

Sober, straight and with multiple elements to enable numerous compositions, to combine the panels of the doors in their various options 


JUEGO is synonymous with child. This collection was designed with them in mind. This program is easy to combine youth and convenient mounting. Made of pine wood. With its wide range of elements, finishes and decorations, allows us to create environments for the young and for those who aren´t  so. 


Within the rustic Star collection is characterized by its design and its components. Emphasizes the combination of sockets with curved cuts, their lids and drawers straight and cast iron handles designed especially for her. It is made of pine wood and you can customize any color combination and decoration of our catalogue 

Lora Básico

This collection made from pine wood, gathers the most authentic  rustic furniture style. It highlights the multiple combinations of finishes and decor adaptable to any item from our catalogue.