Lora Classic Collection


The curved lines define this collection built in pine and MDF with tops in Cherry. This combination of materials leads to , except for covers or lids, the rest will go in different "colors of lacquer." CASSIS collection, has also a wide range of decorations, furniture designed for each 


Made of cherry wood, straighter lines contrast with the curves of its headboard.  Its size and balusters are highlighted by its design and height


Traditional classic design is perhaps the most characteristic, we remember those old furniture we saw in our elderly´s  home, soft and elegant lines. Made of cherry wood, has dining rooms, bedrooms and side furniture


Made of cherry wood, this collection has a range of aids como auxiliaries yo pondria side furniture that can decorate any area of the house 


This collection of sleek lines and smooth curves, bedroom and dining room presents a wide range of auxiliaries. It is made of cherry wood and stands out for its curved front, as well as its wide range of finishes 

Belle Epoque

Among the classic and "new rustic" furniture reminds us of trades with multiple drawers, straight and sober  lines. It comes in new finishes, natural texture and matte shades. Made of cherry wood and consists of bedroom, dining and auxiliary 



is a new experience. With this collection we enter  the world of oak, comes in natural finishes and a wide range of colors that can make endless combinations. Its design, combining perfectly straight and curved forms at its best, is proving more attractive than a cabinet somewhere between rustic and contemporary 


This collection is a variant of the collection "heaven". It comes with an Arabic style leg for all models except for the table and the chair.